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TriggerDB Consulting SRL is the Argentina consultancy leader in Microsoft Data Platform (SQL Server) with more than 10 years of experience.
It is our mission to optimize your work, providing consulting and training services in the management of the Microsoft SQL Server data platform and in Business Intelligence.

We are backed by more than 15 years of experience in the consultancy, support and advanced training sector, which positions us as one of the most experienced consultants in the SQL Server market.
In our services we combine consulting, coaching training to improve the knowledge of our clients.

 Core Business

We are experts in SQL Server from its first versions and offer services for both local and cloud environments

We specialize in all Microsoft BI technology so that your company can get the best information at the lowest cost

With our knowledge in Bigdata and Machine learning we help you to be able to deliver business advance information



Services specialized in consultancy of SQL Server and Data Platform


Remote DBA services to maintain and manage your SQL Server servers

Training & Coaching

Customized training or coaching services in the use of Microsoft Data Platform

SQL Health Check for Microsoft SQL Server

Our precise and detailed analysis service with a diagnosis of the health status of your installation.

It is available for all versions of SQL Server.

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Triggerdb Consulting SRL



Av cabildo 4160 – Buenos Aires – Argentina